Advantages and disadvantages of pixel art

Of course, like any art form, pixel art has its pros and cons. They are also worth knowing before starting serious work on the first pixel art.

Benefits of pixel art

1. Out of time

Fortunately, there is still a large community of retro fans in the world, especially old games. Over time, games like Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog have become classics enjoyed not only by nostalgic adults but also by the younger generation. Therefore, working in pixel art, you can be sure that your work will always be relevant, regardless of changing trends in illustrations and the development of game creation technologies.

2. A breath of fresh air

The modern market will not surprise you with good graphics. Large corporations release a huge number of games with amazingly detailed details that can be difficult to distinguish from reality. Pixel graphics favorably differ here in that it did not blur the eyes of the average player, so maybe your creation can become a new cult event in the world of games.

3. Community of like-minded people

The pixel art community is still alive. At the same time, they not only post their new works, but also participate in each other’s lives with pleasure. From hobbyists to game developers, pixel artists have countless online forums and communities where they exchange ideas with each other, help each other, and interact with other artists’ work.

Disadvantages of pixel art

1. Waste of time

As mentioned above, pixel illustration is a real trap for perfectionists. If you do not learn to be satisfied with your result, then there is a risk that you will spend a huge amount of your time on just one drawing and will progress very slowly in your development.

2. It’s hard to stand out

In the advantages of pixel art, it was mentioned that in the modern world of gaming, retro games are a breath of fresh air. However, there is another side to the coin, namely the difficulty of finding your own unique style in pixel art. You will have to spend dozens of hours until you find the one that will make your work stand out among the many monotonous pixel art.

You do not need to spend all your efforts on some distinctive features of your work from the very first illustration. Gradually develop and develop your own unique style.

How to share pixel art?

No matter how many pixel illustrations you create, eventually your development in this area will stall if you don’t listen to other people’s opinions. Many artists are not ready to share their work with the whole world, but in the end, don’t you create art for people to enjoy?

Pixel art communities are an easy and rewarding way to get into the world of pixel art. Ask to evaluate your work and share your opinion in return. You will be surprised how much valuable advice you can get.

Posting your pixel art on social media is a great way to get feedback and meet other pixel artists (don’t forget to use the #pixelart hashtag!). Unfortunately, social media websites tend to convert PNG to JPG. Therefore, before uploading your first pixel art, you should take care to keep your work crisp.

Do not limit yourself to Instagram only, publish your work on forums, in various public places, find like-minded people on Reddit and Twitter. Do not be afraid that your work will be criticized, most artists will be happy to share with you tips that helped them once in development. You can get links to worthwhile video tutorials, illustration tips, or just find someone to talk to, and a long journey of development always gets easier when shared with someone.

Finally, it is worth saying that pixel art is very easy at the start and terribly difficult to develop. You don’t really need special courses to create your first illustration, but over time you will notice that it becomes more and more difficult to perfect your drawings. That is why it is so important to never stop looking for new resources and listen to the opinions of more experienced artists.

Whether you’re into old video games or you’re just taking your first steps into illustration, pixel art is a great chance to make a statement and write yourself into the history of pixel art.