Classification of pixel art

As a rule, pixel art is divided into two main types: isometric and non-isometric. The first version of pixel art is drawn in a projection close to isometric. Examples can be seen in games that display 3D space without using 3D processing. Technically, isometric angles should be 30° from horizontal, but lines look jagged in pixel art. Non-isometric refers to one that is not isometric. For example, a top, side, front, bottom, or perspective view.

TOP programs for working with pixel art

Today, there are many programs that allow you to work with pixel graphics. Below is a list of the most popular tools used by contemporary pixel art artists.


If you have a Windows operating system installed on your computer, then you don’t even have to install anything to get started in the pixel art industry. The default built-in Paint program, although it seems very basic, actually has all the necessary tools that you will need to create pixel art.


If for some reason Paint is not available to you, and you do not want to download additional programs, then turn your attention to Piskel. This is a handy online pixel art editor that allows you to create art right in your browser. You can easily save your own creations as PNG or GIF, or save them directly to your browser.


GraphicsGale is one of the first editors that was created specifically for pixel art. The brainchild of the Japanese company HUMANBALANCE, which you can install for free, but, unfortunately, only on Windows.


Today, although it is paid, it is the most popular editor that is used to create pixel art. It contains many useful features you need to create professional pixel art and is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Game Maker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is a great 2D oriented game creation tool that also includes a handy editor called Sprite Editor. If you are creating pixel art for later use in your games, it will be much more convenient to do it all at once in one program.


What list of digital graphics programs can do without the famous Photoshop? However, for pixel art, this is too expensive and cumbersome program. The above editors have all the necessary tools to create a pixel illustration. In addition, if you are new to the world of graphics, then the functionality of Photoshop will scare you rather than involve.