Pixel art editor


Pixel Art Editor is an Android application that helps you edit various illustrations and create your own. With the help of multi-touch and multiple magnification of the picture, you can change the drawings at the pixel level. You can download and install the application from our website. It is absolutely free and has been checked for viruses and other malicious files.

Available Tools

The application has quite a few tools that will help color even the smallest parts of the illustrations. And also reduce the time to create large objects in the future image. For this there are:

Standard tools. This includes a pencil, brush, eraser and fill;
Figures. Simple line, rectangle, circle;
color palettes;
Scaling and moving;
32-bit color with alpha channel;
Tools for copying forms.
Thanks to the shapes, you can divide the drawn illustrations into blocks, so that later you can edit them separately. It makes the creative process easier. By changing the color palette, you can create dozens of shades and midtones to make your paintings look brighter and more saturated. Moving allows you to combine several images into one. Using scaling, you can change the size of objects and objects. This is necessary to work with perspective, as well as to make the drawing look more organic. Multitouch is needed to expand objects in several directions at once. This will save time and get the desired results with greater accuracy. With the help of cloning, the user can make several identical objects and arrange them on the image at his discretion. They can also be painted in different colors. For contouring, brushes or pencils are suitable. This is suitable for those artists who create collages or draw comics. And with the help of the fill it is convenient to paint large outlined areas. The eraser is the default tool. As in all graphic editors, it removes unnecessary objects or parts of them. Alpha channels are essential for fast performance. They also help to make more precise filling or painting, for example, with pencils or a set of brushes.


Created and edited files can be saved. The following formats are available for them: JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF. They accurately convey the colors and shades of images and do not take up much space in the device’s memory. Also, such files can be transferred without loss of quality between mobile platforms and to a personal computer.


The application is used in the creation of some games in which it is necessary to create and color various textures, objects and other objects of the world. For example, for the program can be used to create mods for the game Minecraft and the like. “Pixel Art Editor” has a large number of tools for convenient work. It is equally suitable for working with images of large sizes, as well as with separate parts. The program can be used by professionals, experienced editors or beginners.

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